metal and plastic gears


Bradley N. Plank, PE, offers the unique advantage of one consultant with the ability to perform work in both disciplines of engineering, Mechanical and Materials (Metallurgical and Polymers / Metals and Plastics). This is an asset in products liability matters where mechanical loads that acted on failed components must be calculated along with identifying metallurgical failure modes.

He is registered as a professional engineer in Texas and 24 other states, and is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI).

He has worked with assignments as varied as mechanical equipment, appliances, oil and gas transmission, plumbing and HVAC matters. While working in product development he drafted three ANSI standards for hand tools. His experience includes more than 30 years in manufacturing in the metals processing industries, over 25 years performing failure analyses, and 25+ years investigating claims for insurance firms and attorneys.

Mr. Plank has testified in a wide variety of matters including personal injury and property damage, in both state and federal court, and his testimony has never been excluded as an expert witness.

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