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"Brad was exactly the kind of thorough, detail oriented expert our firm needed in a complex construction accident case. He took the initiative to identify and crystallize issues that were central to our case while being utterly committed to the scientific integrity of his methods and conclusions. If you are looking for an intelligent, responsive professional engineer to evaluate your case, he is highly recommended."

Attorney Client Comment

Sample Cases

I testified by deposition in a case involving personal injury where the plaintiff sustained significant scald burn injuries to his feet. The injury occurred at a business performing pedicures with a hot water system that did not provide proper scald protection. I evaluated the plumbing system and wrote a report covering the engineering controls required to prevent scalding. I testified about my findings at my ensuing deposition, successfully defending my position against an opposing expert that was nationally recognized for his knowledge of the plumbing codes and writings on the subject of scald protection. The case settled the next day.

I worked on a case involving a pressure regulating valve with a fire hose connection in a 25 year old high rise building that failed. The valve broke and released a large amount of water that caused property damage. The opposing expert blamed the firm that performed annual inspections of the valve, claiming that their use of a wrench or pliers to close the valve caused it to stretch over the years and break. By performing a detailed engineering analysis considering all forces on the valve including water pressure from the nearby fire pump, performing calculations of the amount of additional stress produced by a wrench or pliers, and performing a torque test of an exemplar valve, I was able to prove that the broken valve did not fail due to the actions of the inspection firm. Rather, I was able to correctly conclude the valve failed from years of pressure spikes produced by the fire pump. The case settled shortly after my report was produced to the other side.

I testified in a case involving a gas explosion that killed three people. Opposing experts tried to say that a water heater had been the source of the gas leak for the early morning explosion, saying that its burner would have cycled on and off several times during the night. With one of the occupants of the facility having showered the night before, I performed water heater testing that showed the burner could not have cycled at all during the night. Exemplar water heater burner cycle times without intervening hot water use averaged more than 36 hours. My direct testimony for the defense lasted 45 minutes, followed by the plaintiff’s attorney asking only one hypothetical question. The case then settled prior to a verdict in a matter of minutes.